Le Coin du Feu : Le Coin du Feu is a residence at Saint Nicolas de Vérove.

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Delicacies: The Le Coin du Feu restaurant.

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Sport and relaxing: Many activities await you in the Mont Blanc country, trekking, climbing, equestrian center, swimming in the lakes...

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Big Thrills: Enjoy here rafting, canyoning, paragliding, etc. and take a deep breath in the mountains.

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Le Coin du Feu - Lodge - Saint-Nicolas de Véroce



Bedrooms of the hotel Le Coin du Feu at Saint-Nicolas de Véroce Bedrooms of the Le Coin du feu


bedrooms have their own stamp, valdotain furnished, some of them with a large terrace, the others with a savoyard loggia, all offer you a huge comfort...

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Restaurant of the Le Coin du Feu hotel at Saint-Nicolas de véroce The restaurant of The Le Coin du Feu


In the typical surround of the restaurant, the Chef Didier Manoury offers you another way to discover our region : by its gastronomy. savoyard specialties, and meals as the Farcement or the Malakoff...

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Le Coin du Feu Hotel at Saint-Nicolas de Véroce The Le Coin du Feu Lodge

Apartments to rent open seasonly.

All the year ant whatever the activities chosen, the Le Coin du Feu lodge, thanks to its comfort, its warm surround, and its conviviality, will allow you to relax et to rest...

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Témoignage client

Mon dernier séjour dans votre résidencel, unique et inoubliable, une seul hâte : y revenir !

Maxime Dupont

Ouvert en saison


"Le Coin du Feu est ouvert en saison, vous permettant de profiter de la montagne toute la saison d'hiver et d'été."